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security.manager - ArcGIS Edition 1.1: Now supporting FeatureServer and ArcGIS 10.5

Good news for all of our security.manager fans: security.manager - ArcGIS Edition 1.1 is now released and now allows access control for FeatureServer and supports ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.


map.apps 4.1 - What's New

A new version of map.apps 4 is available for download. This includes bundle packages 4.1.0 and 3.8.0. This article describes the improvements in both versions.


Demonstrating security.manager – ArcGIS Edition

In a previous blogpost about security.manager, we focussed on using access control to work smarter with data and WebGIS Resources. Since then, we’ve had numerous requests to show how this actually works in the real world, and specifically, how we extend and enhance the ArcGIS Platform with fine-grained access control.


Dive in a new dimension

map.apps 4 - the best of two worlds

In municipal, state or federal administrations, in European data portals, but also in the most varied sectors of the private economy, map.apps enables efficient app-based use and integration of geo-information in public or company-wide infrastructures.


New Release: Even more flexibility with service.monitor 4.2.0

service.monitor 4.2.0 brings noticeable improvements in the configuration of the Analytics dashboards. Dashboards can either use the globally predefined widgets of the product or define queries locally in the individual app. A blog article that will be published in the next days will explain the advantages of the new configuration step by step.

The heatmaps for the representation of specific areas of interest are also more flexibly configurable and can be used in further spatial reference systems.


Stay in control (and still serve everybody’s needs)

Access control is an important part of any security consideration, but did you know that it can do more for you than just blocking access to content that certain groups should not see?


Build apps for all environments

Multiplatform technology with map.apps for the official real estate market information system in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

At the beginning of 2016, the new BORISplus.NRW 3.0 was released online, initially as a web app optimized for the desktop. In a second step, the app was made responsive, thus optimizing its use for tablets and mobile devices. Since the end of August 2016, the BORISplus Services of the state of NRW can now be used as real apps for iOS, Android and Microsoft. The BORISplus.NRW app can be obtained directly from the respective app stores.


New Bundle Download: Take users in hand with Intro JS

Focused apps are built with map.apps, tailored to the needs of users and easy to use. A brief explanation of individual functions, even with very focussed apps, can contribute to making a much more positive user experience, especially for new users.

These explanations should be directly related to the application and the respective functions, and appear at the right time in the right place. To achieve this and avoid that extra help on a separate page must be called, there is now a new free bundle download: IntroJS


security.manager - ArcGIS Edition in Action

security.manager - ArcGIS Edition is born, and the proud parents present it to the world! What became possible with the introduction of the so-called Server Object Interceptor (SOI) technology in ArcGIS Server, is a completely new approach to fine-grained security, by integrating security.manager directly into ArcGIS server.

Although it's a new architecture, it relies on security.manager's mature and proven core functionality – the authorization logic. So the ArcGIS Edition is a new product, but with a serious claim of reliability.


Successful launch of security.manager - ArcGIS Edition at the Esri User Conference

The Esri User Conference in San Diego is over, and con terra is still under the influence of this extraordinary and successful event.

There was probably no better place to showcase the new security.manager - ArcGIS Edition to the international public. the new security.manager edition attracted great interest both from our colleagues at Esri Inc., as well as partners and the interested public.