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Spotlight on Recipes - the map.apps Cookbook

Today, there is a huge range of possibilities to create and/or customize apps with map.apps. As easy as it is to visually configure our app through the builder, the in-app editing facilities of map.apps or even the configuration itself, there will be times where you need to go a step further. These activities can range from 'Do a complete project implementation with map.apps' to the smaller straightforward things. Like you might want to create a new layout or apply your own set of favorite colors, or you would like to just add a single new functionality, datastore or widget kind of bundle.

map.apps With Any Colour

map.apps customers are now free to choose – all customers have the opportunity to indicate a preferred custom colour when making an order. The software will then be supplied with a specially configured main colour scheme that matches this colour. This means that it will now be possible to create any number of apps using the App Builder, based on this custom colour scheme. It could not be simpler – and best of all – this service is available free of charge. Moreover, a wide range of additional predefined colour variations are available for app creation. Whether you need smaller apps that can be integrated in dedicated web sites, mobile map applications, or complex GIS viewers – map.apps customers now have all the possibilities at their fingertips for customising their applications' colour schemes.

How to Enable Your App for the ArcGIS Marketplace and Publish it in Minutes

As described in a previous post map.apps is ready for Esri's ArcGIS Marketplace. In this post, the technical steps that are required to bring your map.apps app to the marketplace will be described. The main simple step to make your existing app "marketplace ready" is, to activate two bundles that are available in map.apps 2.1.5. Those bundles are named "webmap" and "agolauthn":

Preview of map.apps 3.0

Visitors to the con terra stand at this year's Intergeo got an exciting demonstration of the map.apps application's new 3.0 release. This version features a host of new functions centered around the program's integrability into ArcGIS Online and the new ArcGIS Marketplace.

map.apps supports GeoJSON and WKT

Since version 2.1.5 (and of course this also applies for the upcoming 3.0 release), map.apps supports GeoJSON. GeoJSON is a community driven, open format to represent geographic information. The format is supported by several software products like FME and GeoServer. Our implementation is based on Esri’s terraformer toolkit, published on GitHub ( Beside the GeoJSON support, this library also adds the functionality to read and convert Well-Known Text (WKT) to Esri geometry types.

Federal Supervisory Authority for Air Navigation Provides App for Facilities Protection

The Federal Supervisory Authority for Air Navigation has published an interactive map of the facilities protection based on map.apps. The new app provides users with an overview of the protection areas of air traffic control facilities in Germany. Through the online service, users can quickly and easily determine if buildings are planned within a protection zone.

Geoportal Saxony is online

The German Free State of Saxony has launched the “Geoportal Sachsenatlas”. This is meant to be the main entry point to the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) of Saxony, including spatial information from many different governmental organisations from state level to the municipal level.

map.apps is Ready for the New ArcGIS Marketplace

Fast approaching completion, ArcGIS Marketplace will be a one-stop shop for apps and data designed to be used on the ArcGIS Online Platform. In a similar way to other app store concepts, Marketplace supports organisations in locating and procuring suitable apps and data and applying them in their own ArcGIS Online product. The apps and data services are provided by business partners throughout the worldwide Esri Partner Network (EPN). The apps supplied may be free or available for a charge.