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Responsive Web Design in map.apps

Responsive design has become a more and more trending topic. It describes an approach to create websites and web-applications that adapt their layout to the given limitations of the requesting display devices. Before diving into technical details, try it yourself. Run the demo app on a desktop PC, tablet and/or mobile phone to see how the device will affect the layout of map.apps. You can also modify the width of your browser to see the layout changes.

Building Hosted App Templates for ArcGIS Online

As described in previous blog posts, it is possible to use map.apps as a web application template in ArcGIS Online. A new public demo is now available to show the workflow and benefits in a live demonstration. You may use our public hosted template to try using map.apps as a template to display your own web maps and configuring map.apps with means of ArcGIS Online or the integrated map.apps in-app configuration. All configuration will be stored in your own ArcGIS Online account.

Securing map.apps

Mapping apps have been part of the web ecosystem for a long time now. While simple, generic applications enjoy great popularity amongst general users, professional users are also part of this trend, as organisations increasingly see the value of publishing their own data holdings into the Web. Once data and services are accessible via the Internet, the question about access protection and authorization is often raised, and rightly so. Luckily, there is a solution available to provide peace of mind when publishing potentially sensitive spatial data via the Internet.

App-Login - map.apps Extends ArcGIS Online Support

map.apps has extended its ArcGIS Online Support with the ability to let apps authenticate against ArcGIS Online in order to be able to consume/provide protected resources from an organizational account. What’s the business value of this? There are numerous cases where the user of an app is not necessarily also a user of the ArcGIS Online platform. Think of a large insurance company. They are running an ArcGIS Online subscription to manage claims. This is sensitive information which will be kept private and internal to the ArcGIS Online subscription, with limited access to only those employees which are also registered as named users in an ArcGIS Online account.

New Twitter Account Started

Today we started our new twitter account: You can click on the "follow" button on the bottom of this page to follow us on Twitter. As a follower you will never miss the latest articles and news from your developer network!

FAQ Section Extended

The list of frequently asked questions about map.apps (available for members of the map.apps Developer Network) was extended substantially in the last days. In the FAQ section, you will now find categories that help you to find the right answers faster. We could also integrate the first questions that were submitted by members of the community. If you have questions that are not yet listed, you can submit them in the FAQ section.

Free Information Event and Training Days for map.apps

On June, 11th 2013 con terra offers a free information day that gives an introduction to map.apps and informs you about its key features, technological principles, customer solutions and available licenses. From June, 12th to 14th 2013 map.apps basic, advanced and developer trainings take place in Muenster. In these trainings you can learn everything about core principles, configuring apps with the app.builder, creating your own app templates including layout customization up to developing own widgets and bundles based on the map.apps osgi framework for JavaScript.

map.apps Developer Network Going Live!

On 29.04.2013, our new map.apps Developer Network website went live! The first goal of the initial website is to raise the level of information of all our customers that work and develop with map.apps. As a non-registered user, you can read the latest news about map.apps such as information about new features and releases, customer solutions as well as latest hints and tips right from the core development team.

Atlas of Renewable Energy Potentials Realised With map.apps

In March 2013, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Industry published a digital atlas of the renewable energy potentials that exist in Baden-Württemberg. The web-based application was realised by the State Institute for the Environment, Measurements and Nature Protection (LUBW), on the basis of map.apps, con terra’s innovative solution for creating apps for use in web and mobile environments.

Creating Added Value With ArcGIS Online

With version 2.1 of map.apps, the solution for building innovative apps for web and mobile, seamless integration of map.apps applications in ArcGIS Online is now possible. This allows users to create and publish professionally oriented and functionally enriched apps directly from ArcGIS Online.