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Native Apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10 with map.apps

From version 3.5, advanced Maven processes are now available for the multi-device capabilities of map apps. These can be scripted using Apache Cordova from existing Web applications create native apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10 (universal).


service.monitor 4.1 released

The rollout of service.monitor 4.1, to all existing customers, will start this week.

Analytics - new query dashboards

For analytics, the product offer new dashboard definitions, focussing on concrete question of analytics users.


Now available for download: New spatial selection options with the Advanced Selection bundle

map.apps already offers standard functions to select features via the selection tool by dragging a rectangle (or circle, etc...) or by "drawing" multiple graphic shapes on the map, and displaying the seleciton results in the Result Center.

A new bundle, "Advanced Selection", now enables advanced spatial selection options, which may be quite complex in nature. Different selection methods are provided in a central selection widget. These are intuitive and optimized to be able to perform more complex selection methods with a few clicks, which till now may have required several operations.


Track and analyze map.apps user behavior - Geo Web Analytics with service.monitor 4.0

With the new Geo Web Analytics functionalities, we are offering a tailor-made solution for purposefully analyzing and dynamically illustrating the concrete usage of the digital services being offered to map.apps providers. service.monitor Analytics seamlessly intergrates into map.apps Manager, because it has been developed on con terra's solution platform. It immediately benefits from the proven system design of map.apps.


Say Hello! to the con terra Developer Network

The previously named "map.apps Developer Network" information and communication platform is expanding its focus. Renamed to the "con terra Developer Network" it now serves for all con terra products.


Now for download: Query Builder - query easily and intuitively

"Show me all new faults", "Which house connections are planned and which are operational", "Which waters are suitable for bathing?", "Which orders do I have today and where are they?" - Questions like these usually mean that some complex queries must be formulated and carried out on geodata and their properties. With the Query Builder, con terra now offers a new bundle that can be used to creat such queries in a simple manner and used easily and intuitively by the user.


security.manager as ArcGIS Server Object Interceptor (SOI)

With version 10.3.1, Esri introduced Server Object Interceptors (SOI) in ArcGIS for Server. SOIs are containers for additional logic applied to published services. So for security.manager, an SOI is a perfect environment to perform the enforcement of policies for ArcGIS services.

How does the search in smart.finder and map.apps Smart Search work?

Search represents a central functional aspect in smart.finder and map.apps Smart Search extension. This post will explain the search in both products and respond to key questions: What documents are in my index? How can I find them in a fast and targeted way?

Secure Enterprise Solutions - with map.apps and security.mananger

This article describes ways to secure Web applications built using map.apps and security.manager. map.apps alone offers a number of security features that may be sufficient for simple applications. Combined with security.manager, almost all requirements for safety are met. It is possible to configure extremely fine-grained access protection for both services, as well as functions of map.apps Apps.


map.apps 3.2 released

map.apps 3.2 brings many improvements for users, administrators and developers. The focus of this release is to optimize existing functionality and workflow. So, the new version offers a generic selection tool to all users. Thus it is now automatically possible to make selections on all visible and selectable themes. For the administrator, this eliminates the previously required configuration of individual selections of each theme.