security.manager - ArcGIS Edition 1.1: Now supporting FeatureServer and ArcGIS 10.5

Good news for all of our security.manager fans: security.manager - ArcGIS Edition 1.1 is now released and now allows access control for FeatureServer and supports ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.


map.apps 4.1 - What's New

A new version of map.apps 4 is available for download. This includes bundle packages 4.1.0 and 3.8.0. This article describes the improvements in both versions.


Demonstrating security.manager – ArcGIS Edition

In a previous blogpost about security.manager, we focussed on using access control to work smarter with data and WebGIS Resources. Since then, we’ve had numerous requests to show how this actually works in the real world, and specifically, how we extend and enhance the ArcGIS Platform with fine-grained access control.