security.manager - ArcGIS Edition in Action

security.manager - ArcGIS Edition is born, and the proud parents present it to the world! What became possible with the introduction of the so-called Server Object Interceptor (SOI) technology in ArcGIS Server, is a completely new approach to fine-grained security, by integrating security.manager directly into ArcGIS server.

Although it's a new architecture, it relies on security.manager's mature and proven core functionality – the authorization logic. So the ArcGIS Edition is a new product, but with a serious claim of reliability.


Successful launch of security.manager - ArcGIS Edition at the Esri User Conference

The Esri User Conference in San Diego is over, and con terra is still under the influence of this extraordinary and successful event.

There was probably no better place to showcase the new security.manager - ArcGIS Edition to the international public. the new security.manager edition attracted great interest both from our colleagues at Esri Inc., as well as partners and the interested public.


Native Apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10 with map.apps

From version 3.5, advanced Maven processes are now available for the multi-device capabilities of map apps. These can be scripted using Apache Cordova from existing Web applications create native apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10 (universal).