map.apps 4.6.0 - What's New

With map.apps 4.6, a new version of map.apps is available for download, which brings new features for line 4 and updates to the basic technology of map.apps. The release also includes a new version of line 3. This article gives an overview of all the major new features and presents them in detail.


News on security.manager - ArcGIS Edition

The recently-released version 1.3 of ArcGIS Edition of the security.manager has been rolled out, providing a load of new features!


Visual relationship between Results Center and map - a study

At this year's map.apps days, con terras UX-AG conducted a user study with the visitors. On the one hand, an instrument of the user-centered method collection was demonstrated, and on the other hand, data for a bachelor thesis in psychology was collected. For this purpose, two desktop workstations were set up in the Factory-Hotel café, with practical tasks that were to be solved using the map.apps Results Center.