Visual relationship between Results Center and map - a study

At this year's map.apps days, con terras UX-AG conducted a user study with the visitors. On the one hand, an instrument of the user-centered method collection was demonstrated, and on the other hand, data for a bachelor thesis in psychology was collected. For this purpose, two desktop workstations were set up in the Factory-Hotel café, with practical tasks that were to be solved using the map.apps Results Center.


map.apps 4.5.0 - What's New

With map.apps 4.5, a new version of map.apps is available for download, which brings extensive innovations for line 4 of map.apps. This article gives an overview of all major new features and presents them in detail.


New security.manager Releases!

With the new releases 1.2.0 (ArcGIS Edition) and 4.12.0 (Enterprise Edition) the security.manager now supports ArcGIS 10.6.0. Support for 10.6.1 is in progress and will follow shortly.

Further enhancements in the ArcGIS Edition:

We have simplified the configuration process, thus the configuration of the security.manager in the ArcGIS Server Manager is no longer necessary and is limited to the one-time configuration of the backend.