map.apps ETL 4.5 – What’s New

With map.apps ETL 4.5.0, a new version of the map.apps extension for the integration of FME data workflows is available for download. The new schema mapping functionality simplifies the merging of data from different sources into a uniform target schema. The release also contains a number of other improvements that are presented in this article.


map.apps 4.13 - What's New

With map.apps 4.13 a new version of map.apps is available for download, which brings many new features and improvements. In addition, this release contains an update of the base technology. This article provides an overview of all the major new features and presents them in detail.


con terra Technologies and Spring4Shell vulnerability

Update: 2022/04/12, 14:00

A security vulnerability (known as "Spring4Shell" or "SpringShell") in the Spring Framework has recently become known. This allows remote code executions (RCEs) under certain circumstances.

Some con terra Technologies products use this framework and are therefore potentially affected by the vulnerability. In this article we provide information on the current status.