service.monitor 4.5 - What's New

The service.monitor promises a holistic and centralised view of the operation and use of con terra's geoIT solutions. The current release of version 4.5 integrates a frequently used component of modern GeoIT systems: FME Server from Safe Software.


map.apps 4.12 - What's New

With map.apps 4.12 a new version of map.apps is available for download, which brings many new features and improvements. In addition, this release contains an update of the base technology. This article provides an overview of all the major new features and presents them in detail.


security.manager NEXT 1.1 - What's New

A new version has been released for the youngest member of our security.manager product family. In addition to many detail improvements, the functional spectrum of the software has been extended with highly requested features, which also take into account the aim to replace the other security.manager editions with security.manager NEXT.