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map.apps 4.4.0 - What's New

With map.apps 4.4 a new version of map.apps is available for download, which brings extensive innovations for line 4 of map.apps. This article gives an overview of all essential innovations and presents them in detail.


Default Popup

A default popup is now available for the simple retrieval of attribute information for an object on a map. This reduces the configuration effort for accessing this information significantly.


Get Attached to security.manager (What’s new in Version 4.10)

Once again, a new function desired by many customers has been added to security.manager - Enterprise Edition: support for editing feature attachments. For example, if images and documents are to be managed for a building, they can be saved as an attachment to the corresponding building feature.


map.apps days 2018

Two days to learn, exchange experiences and cooperate

On April the 5th map.apps days arrive. Once again, we have set up a program that focuses on the exchange of experience and cooperation.


map.apps 4.3.0 - What's New

With map.apps 4.3.0 a new version of map. apps is available for download, which offers a lot of new features for map.apps users. The most important topics addressed with this release are a new standard menu, the spatial selection of geoobjects, map navigation and the support of additional map services/layer types in map.apps line 4.


service.monitor 4.3 - What's new

The new EventStream provides visual access to user interactions

service.monitor 4.3 is now available for download and offers many innovations, especially in the area of analytics. Special attention was paid to the further development of the analysis dashboards.


smart.finder / map.apps Smart Search 1.5.0 - What’s New

smart.finder / map.apps Smart Search 1.5.0 - What’s New

smart.finder and map.apps Smart Search are available for download in version 1.5.0. The central aspect of the new release is job management, which has been improved and extended in many areas.


map.apps SDI 4.0.2 – What’s New

map.apps SDI in the version 4 is available for download. The new version as a product extension for map. apps offers more possibilities of dynamic service loading and much more.


map.apps 4 for Developers - Overview

This first article of our new series map.apps 4 for developers is aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about the possibilities and tools provided by map.apps 4 development. Here, we first provide an overview of the topics that will be dealt with in more detail in separate articles.

Topics of following articles will be "JavaScript language levels and build process", "Vue.js – Create and test UI widgets" and "Vuetify.js – Integrate prefabricated UI components".


map.apps 4.2 - What's New

A new version of map.apps 4 is available for download. The new version offers comprehensive new possibilities for both map.apps administrators as well as developers. This article describes the innovations that map.apps 4.2 brings with it.


con terra Technologies supports ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1

All products of con terra Technologies have been tested to be fully compatible with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1.