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Developer Network now also in German

Good news for our German users: The Developer Network is available in German language from now on. The complete installation guide, system requirements, release notes, forum and news articles have been translated. A few areas such as the "map.apps Cookbook" will be converted gradually.

The language can be changed via the links above the con terra logo. Registered users can set the default language in their user profile.


map.apps Developer Network Forum

In the course of map.apps Days 2015, a new Forum was launched in the map.apps Developer Network. This forum offers the possibility of exchange between customers, partners and con terra. We would be delighted if you take the opportunity to share tips and tricks, as well as to present your own ideas and developments. Technical questions of general interest are also welcome. Contributions are welcome in both German and English.


map.apps 3.1


Developing Multi-Purpose Solutions with Single-Purpose Apps

When building apps these days, there are a number of well-known and reality-proven guides to follow. Amongst other aspects, one of the most important is to keep the app as focused as possible. Why focusing? Focusing on something helps to differentiate the important things from the not so important ones. It helps to ensure that you build exactly what is required and avoid building everything that is possible, so the app is presented in its most useful and usable form. That is what makes apps apps, and not large applications. But focusing on what?


Spotlight on Recipes - the map.apps Cookbook

Today, there is a huge range of possibilities to create and/or customize apps with map.apps. As easy as it is to visually configure our app through the builder, the in-app editing facilities of map.apps or even the configuration itself, there will be times where you need to go a step further. These activities can range from 'Do a complete project implementation with map.apps' to the smaller straightforward things. Like you might want to create a new layout or apply your own set of favorite colors, or you would like to just add a single new functionality, datastore or widget kind of bundle.

map.apps With Any Colour

map.apps customers are now free to choose – all customers have the opportunity to indicate a preferred custom colour when making an order. The software will then be supplied with a specially configured main colour scheme that matches this colour. This means that it will now be possible to create any number of apps using the App Builder, based on this custom colour scheme. It could not be simpler – and best of all – this service is available free of charge. Moreover, a wide range of additional predefined colour variations are available for app creation. Whether you need smaller apps that can be integrated in dedicated web sites, mobile map applications, or complex GIS viewers – map.apps customers now have all the possibilities at their fingertips for customising their applications' colour schemes.