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Demonstrating security.manager – ArcGIS Edition

Barry Masterson and Rüdiger Gartmann February 28, 2017

In a previous blogpost about security.manager, we focussed on using access control to work smarter with data and WebGIS Resources. Since then, we’ve had numerous requests to show how this actually works in the real world, and specifically, how we extend and enhance the ArcGIS Platform with fine-grained access control.

To best demonstrate this, my colleague Rüdiger Gartmann has prepared a short demo video, that walks through a series of scenarios where using security.manager – ArcGIS Edition greatly simplifies an otherwise complex workflow.

In this example, a nationwide dataset is served by a central organisation. Users of this dataset are usually restricted in terms of what they are allowed access, whether that is spatially, based on data layers, or even to specific classes of feature. Using normal procedures, this may necessitate the creation of a many separate services, to cater for the specific needs or permissions of a particular group. However, with security.manager – ArcGIS Edition, a single service can be used to serve the needs of all these users, with some simple fine-grained access control extending the ArcGIS Server administration process. By reducing the time and resources needed to fulfil these complex access requirements, security.manager – ArcGIS Edition increases the value of your investment in the ArcGIS Platform, leaving you to focus on the things that matter, and not micro-managing services.

For more information on how security.manager is being used in the real world, do please take a look over our website, or contact us.

For those attending the Esri Partner Conference or DevSummit in Palm Springs next week, pop by our booth for a chat on Monday, March 6th, to see how security.manager – ArcGIS Edition can enhance your business.