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Native Apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10 with map.apps

Christian Elfers May 25, 2016

From version 3.5, advanced Maven processes are now available for the multi-device capabilities of map apps. These can be scripted using Apache Cordova from existing Web applications create native apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10 (universal).

Apps created in this way can use the functionalities of smartphones or tablets, which are normally withheld from Web applications, for example, the camera, sensors, address book, Bluetooth / NFC, etc. The usage is via corresponding JavaScript APIs that are provided by Cordova. It is no surprise that these APIs can be integrated in map.apps and used by bundles.

The delivery to the user is carried out in the manner of "real apps" as through the App Store platform. Windows 10 Universal app can even be used as an application on a desktop computer. Thus map.apps based solutions are available to customers on all major distribution (Web / AppStore) and use paths (Desktop / Tablet / Smartphone browser Native). Programmatic adjustments are not necessary.

The advantages of this approach are obvious: one system, many environments. In this way, users can be reached via a variety of platforms and all major distribution channels. Despite this diversification, map.apps operated and maintained centrally, on one instance. Programming and customizing can be reused as desired and, ultimately, no platform-specific special knowledge is required, everything is JavaScript.

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