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map.apps days 2018

Christian Elfers March 15, 2018

Two days to learn, exchange experiences and cooperate

On April the 5th map.apps days arrive. Once again, we have set up a program that focuses on the exchange of experience and cooperation.

The first day belongs to the users and their solutions​

What tasks and problems have users been able to solve with con terra technologies, ArcGIS and FME core technologies? What kind of solutions have been build, how do they perform and what experiences have been made? But also, which aspects may still be open, which questions are still unresolved. The 2018 user presentations cover a wide range of solutions for public and private sector tasks, so that there is something for everyone. The day allows you to learn from other users, expand and network. There is quite some time between and after the lectures for networking and user support. The con terra team will be present the entire day, to help with technology, expertise or establishing suitable contacts.

The second day opens the view to the future

What are current technological trends and topics? How can they be applied to solutions and how can users benefit? How can digital offers be created that pick up the user where he is? We show you how efficiently digital services can be provided via web and app, desktop and smartphone, online as well as offline. Also operations and agility will be a topic – as by using bundles and docker containers, you can incooperate changes quickly and easily. With the new line 4 of map.apps that supports ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4 - in combination with ArcGIS Enterprise - a whole range of new possibilities has been opened. Integrated 2D / 3D, Smart Mapping, Arcade, WebGL, etc. With map.apps "Domains" there is a new concept to be able to package and distribute data for specific information; set up networks of domain knowledge. We will also show what changed technically in map.apps. Like programming with line 4 is a lot faster and easier, and the apps and widgets are even more visually appealing and easier to use.

In addition the map.apps days are made for cooperation and community building. Not only within the already existing subject-oriented community-groups (such as forestry or local government), but also spontaneously in new communities of interest, always with the goal of learning from each other, sharing with one another and pulling together.

Of course, we are also happy about the physical comfort and entertainment of our guests,  so cordially invite you to the Italian restaurant I Galetti on our event evening.

We look forward to seeing you!