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New security.manager Releases!

Rüdiger Gartmann October 10, 2018

With the new releases 1.2.0 (ArcGIS Edition) and 4.12.0 (Enterprise Edition) the security.manager now supports ArcGIS 10.6.0. Support for 10.6.1 is in progress and will follow shortly.

Further enhancements in the ArcGIS Edition:

We have simplified the configuration process, thus the configuration of the security.manager in the ArcGIS Server Manager is no longer necessary and is limited to the one-time configuration of the backend.

In addition, the ArcGIS Edition now officially supports Integrated Windows Authentication. This means that the security.manager can now also be used in environments in which ArcGIS Enterprise is operated without explicit user logins, but using the Windows login.

What's new in the Enterprise Edition?

Group administration has been comprehensively expanded, so that many requirements for multitenancy can now be consistently handled. In addition, roles can no longer only be assigned directly to users, but also to user groups, which should significantly reduce the administration effort in many cases.