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smart.finder 2.2.0 - What's New

Kristian Senkler February 21, 2022

The main focus of the current release is on the integration of the new map.apps Search UI and improvements in the Job Manager interface. This blog article briefly presents the main innovations.

New Search Feature

With this version, the new Search UI of map.apps is used as the standard search function. For this purpose, the API provided by map.apps and the UI elements are integrated via the corresponding bundles in the standard app and the datastores. In this way, the search can be performed directly against several indices and the results displayed as a whole.

It is still possible to use the Omnisearch Bundles. For this purpose we have provided the new app full-screen-map-omnisearch.

Improving the standard app

We have cleaned up the user interface of the app and created more space. The tools Open Job Admininstration and Results List have been removed from the map and are now accessible in the following places: a new Hamburger menu opens a sidebar that contains the Job Manager as a tool and provides space for other tools.

The results list can be opened and closed via a button in the status bar.

Improvements in the Job Manager

Start job

There are a number of improvements in the Job Manager. Until now, creating and starting a new indexing job was only possible in two steps: first you create and save the job, then you open it and start it. This has now been greatly simplified. Via the additional button Create & start, the previously mentioned steps can be carried out with one single action.

Refresh view

Until now, it was not possible to update the tabular view of the indexing jobs; only a reload of the page or a re-sorting of the table showed the updated status. Now there is a Refresh button: one click and the table is updated.

Renaming the Web Archive

In the course of standardising the structure of the con terra products, we have adapted the names of the web archives. The names of the delivered Javascript bundles have been retained.

Old designation New designation Meaning
ct-finder-client-webapp-[VERSION].war smartfinder.war The Standalone smart.finder Client
ct-finder-server-webapp-[VERSION].war smartfinder-search.war The Web API for search and job management