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map.apps 4.13 - What's New

Dennis Payk April 7, 2022

With map.apps 4.13 a new version of map.apps is available for download, which brings many new features and improvements. In addition, this release contains an update of the base technology. This article provides an overview of all the major new features and presents them in detail.

New central component for integration into security infrastructures

With this release, a new central component for integration into existing security infrastructures is delivered for the first time. The component enables map.apps to be connected to existing identity providers or brokers via standardized interfaces. Users can thus log in to map.apps with their known credentials and, depending on their authorization, access protected apps, tools or the map.apps Manager.

The connection to ArcGIS Enterprise Portal or ArcGIS Online has been significantly expanded and simplified in this process. Multiple logins are no longer necessary and backend services can also respond to user identities. Even the use of non-public content such as webmaps or layers is possible without a new login (single sign-on).

Via the OpenID Connect standard, user administrations implemented with the versatile and widely used open source solution Keycloak can also be easily connected to map.apps.

The new component is currently integrated directly into map.apps and automatically available after an update to version 4.13. In the future, it will also be used in other con terra Technologies products and can also be used in individual customer solutions, ensuring seamless and seamless integration and a consistent user experience.

Improvements to existing functions

Based on your valuable feedback, we have made various improvements to existing features, which are described in the following.

Order of search results

In map.apps 4.12, the ability to display results from multiple search topics simultaneously in a suggestion list was introduced. This version now introduces a configuration option to define the order of search topics. Thus, you can ensure that results from particularly important topics appear first.

Hide empty fields in popups

You can now hide fields that do not contain values in a popup. For each object, the system checks individually which fields contain values. The display of popups can thus be made much more compact and clearer, especially for map services in which empty values frequently occur.

Automatically expand entries in map content control (TOC)

With the help of a new configuration option, entries in the map content control can now be displayed automatically expanded at startup. This makes it easier to find map content in deeper nested layers, especially for new users. The Developer Network Bundle mapapps-toc-expand is no longer required and has been archived.

Improvements for accessibility

Several improvements have been made to increase the accessibility of apps. The drawer menu, which is usually located to the left of the search, can now be operated more easily using the keyboard. In addition, so-called Aria labels have been added or optimized in various places to improve the usability of screen readers.

Base technology update

The ArcGIS API for JavaScript used by map.apps as technical basis is updated to version 4.22 with this release. This results in numerous improvements and bug fixes as well as performance improvements in the rendering of map layers.

Final notes

In addition to the above, this release contains other improvements and bug fixes. As always, a complete list of all changes can be found in the release notes.