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Spotlight on Recipes - the map.apps Cookbook

Christian Elfers February 20, 2014
Today, there is a huge range of possibilities to create and/or customize apps with map.apps. As easy as it is to visually configure our app through the builder, the in-app editing facilities of map.apps or even the configuration itself, there will be times where you need to go a step further. These activities can range from 'Do a complete project implementation with map.apps' to the smaller straightforward things. Like you might want to create a new layout or apply your own set of favorite colors, or you would like to just add a single new functionality, datastore or widget kind of bundle. To support you and to get you up to speed to work efficiently with map.apps, we have started a new activity called the "map.apps Cookbook". As it is with all cookbooks, it includes recipes. Please expect an ongoing flow of recipes that will provide guidelines for creating delicious results. These recipes will cover a variety of topics, like installation, configuration, usage, development, customizing and existing stuff, like new functionalities/layouts/widgets/color-themes/datastores, complete projects, enterprise app projects.
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Also, we will add new ingredients. Until today, doing more than what is possible through the builder, the app configuration or the in-app editing facilities, has meant needing to set up a complete development environment. Whilst this process is pretty easy and straightforward through the map.apps maven based build-processes, and the nice IDE integration (e.g. with Netbeans), it also gives you the complete freedom of do-as-you-like. There is nothing wrong with it, but what about the smaller, straightforward and well defined things? Like a single new layout or a set of favorite colors or a single new functionality, datastore or widget kind of bundle. The new ingredients are "task-optimized" sample projects. These will allow to concentrate on a single task and get the job done as fast as possible without worrying on what’s possible in addition. We start this with a sample project that allows you to create and test new color-themesets. Open the Cookbook (You need to be logged in.)