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Preview of map.apps 3.0

October 15, 2013
Visitors to the con terra stand at this year's Intergeo got an exciting demonstration of the map.apps application's new 3.0 release. This version features a host of new functions centered around the program's integrability into ArcGIS Online and the new ArcGIS Marketplace. The map.apps core functionality has been augmented by the addition of a number of new web GIS functions designed to facilitate the recording and editing of spatial objects. This represents a considerable enhancement on the previous version, which was centred more on information and viewing capabilities. Other new features of version 3.0 include social media integration, reporting functions, and spatial bookmarking. One new aspect that deserves particular mention is the ability to integrate map.apps into ArcGIS Online and the brand new ArcGIS Marketplace. con terra is offering map.apps licence holders this highly innovative facility to give them with a simple way of providing applications based on map.apps technology for commercial use by third party customers anywhere in the world. The visitors were also impressed by the presentations of further new supplementary components, such as the map.apps SDI extension, the map.apps extension for FME server connections, and the ability to use map.apps offline.