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security.manager - ArcGIS Edition in Action

Rüdiger Gartmann September 23, 2016

security.manager - ArcGIS Edition is born, and the proud parents present it to the world! What became possible with the introduction of the so-called Server Object Interceptor (SOI) technology in ArcGIS Server, is a completely new approach to fine-grained security, by integrating security.manager directly into ArcGIS server.

Although it's a new architecture, it relies on security.manager's mature and proven core functionality – the authorization logic. So the ArcGIS Edition is a new product, but with a serious claim of reliability.

In order to introduce it to the world, we created a demo application that shows its capabilities. It was shown during the User conference, and it can also be seen at the Intergeo and GIS-Talk conferences - or on YouTube! This scenario shows a bomb disposal application, used to identify potential bomb sites from WWII. Therefore, it contains different layers of information, which of course all need to be permitted for the bomb disposal experts. Citizens, however, shall only see areas which were already investigated and which are safe. So their permissions are limited by security.manager to one layer only, the one containing the areas under investigation. Furthermore, a filter is added to this layer, allowing only access to those features representing safe areas. Property owners, in contrast, are entitled to see all information available, but only in the area or their property, hence spatial restrictions are needed.

One of the goals for the ArcGIS Edition was a tight integration into the ArcGIS Server administration. Publishing of services and the definition of permissions should be a straightforward workflow. The result can be seen in the demo, as well as how easy it is to create permissions on layer- feature- and spatial level. This allows for a quick and efficient creation also of complex access permissions.

If you want to see more of security.manager - ArcGIS Edition, please visit us at the INSPIRE Conference, Intergeo, GIS-Talk, or contact me directly.