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Lifecycle con terra Technologies

con terra products follow a life cycle. In the following, each lifecycle phase as well as the assignment of each product to its current phase is shown.

Lifecycle phases

The life cycle consists of four phases. The individual phases and the associated services are described below.

General Availability   Extended Support   Mature Support   Retired
  • Availability via download portal1
  • Documentation online
  • Support by phone/email2
  • Integration of new functions and bug fixes3
  • Support of new operating environments4
  • Support of new ArcGIS versions

  • No support
Extended Lifecycle Support5
  • Bugfixes3
Beginning:   Beginning:   Beginning:   Beginning:
With the release of a new major version   Following General Availability   Following Extended Support   Following Mature Support
Duration:   Duration:   Duration (Mature Support):
Until the release of a new major version, minimum 24 months   12 month   12 month  


1 Latest release
2 Eligible for support is the current minor release. Problems can also be reported for earlier releases, a possible bugfix will be included in a future release. Differing requirements can be handled via Support Plus.
3 Stability of con terra Technologies configuration & interfaces (as documented) is ensured.
4 New operating systems, browsers, Java versions, etc.
5 Support Plus contract necessary, effort-based accounting.

Information on the lifecycle phases

General Availability
  • The latest version of a product is usually in the General Availability phase.
  • It is recommended to always use the current version.
  • This version is under active development.
Extended Support
  • Lifecycle phase after the release of a new major version.
  • Software is still maintained.
  • The Extended Support period should be used to plan the migration of a solution to the current major release.
Mature Support
  • At the latest now a solution should be changed to the current main version.
  • If this is not possible, it is recommended to continue operating the solution in Extended Lifecycle Support.

Product lifecycle

The lifecycle phase of each product is shown below.

Product General Availability Extended Support Mature Support Retired
map.apps Line 4      
map.apps Smart Search 2.x      
map.apps Line 3     (August 2022)
map.apps GEONIS 1.x     (August 2022)
map.apps Offline 1.x     (August 2022)
map.apps Smart Search 1.x     (January 2022)
map.apps User Management 4.x      
security.manager ArcGIS Edition 1.x   (January 2022) (January 2023)
security.manager Enterprise Edition 4.x      
security.manager NEXT 1.x      
security.manager 3.x      
service.monitor 4.x      
service.monitor 3.x      
smart.finder 2.x      
smart.finder 1.x     (January 2022)