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service.monitor 4.5 - What's New

Stefan Blume September 7, 2021

The service.monitor promises a holistic and centralised view of the operation and use of con terra's geoIT solutions. The current release of version 4.5 integrates a frequently used component of modern GeoIT systems: FME Server from Safe Software.

FME Server jobs and log lines

A new analysis dashboard displays basic statistical values for the past FME processings.

Typical questions that can thus be answered at a glance:

  • How many jobs were faulty or successful?
  • How many jobs were automated or manually initiated?
  • What was the average time of the jobs in the processing queue of the FME server?

Übersicht FME Jobs und durchschnittliche Wartezeit

A special feature is the temporal display of all job executions on a timeline, which gives a good overview of the intensity of the FME Engines' workload. In addition to the data about the jobs, the individual log statements of each job execution are also available in service.monitor.

Index lifecycle management – low-maintenance operation of service.monitor

The necessary retention period of the recorded data of a geoIT solution varies in a range from "a few days" to "forever". By using Elastic's Index Life Cycle Management, the parameters of index maintenance can now be used in a simple and individualised way, which supports a long-term stable and low-maintenance operation of service.monitor.

In addition to temporal criteria, the quantity of collected events can also be used to decide when indices should be closed or deleted entirely.

Usage analysis in map.apps

There are also small but long-requested improvements in the integration with map.apps. In addition to the app ID, the title of the app is now also recorded. Furthermore, the configured bundles are transmitted when an app is started. This makes it possible to analyse for a map.apps instance which bundles were configured in which apps at certain points in time.

Monitoring – Monitor FME Server from Safe Software with special queries

In the area of monitoring, support for Safe Software's FME Server has also been improved. This includes the control of the FME Server at the level of the available engines, but also detailed checks as to whether jobs were successfully executed in a timely manner or waited too long in the queue for execution.

Monitoring – other improvements

Small changes in the usability of the monitoring user interface lead to an improved user experience. The dashboard now shows the time of the next execution for all jobs. In the service and job view, navigation to the templates, expectations and within the individual jobs has been simplified. Small optimisations that make the monitoring of GeoIT services more direct and comfortable.

For a comprehensive list of changes, see: