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Now for download: Query Builder - query easily and intuitively

Christian Elfers October 14, 2015

"Show me all new faults", "Which house connections are planned and which are operational", "Which waters are suitable for bathing?", "Which orders do I have today and where are they?" - Questions like these usually mean that some complex queries must be formulated and carried out on geodata and their properties. With the Query Builder, con terra now offers a new bundle that can be used to creat such queries in a simple manner and used easily and intuitively by the user. The bundle can be purchased on the con terra open source Git repository. The capabilities include:

  • graphically interactive opportunity for app designers to prepare and store queries in the app. Users of the app can then go back to the query, for example, "Which waters are suitable for bathing" click and get results directly in the table and displayed on the map.
  • app designers can build combined queries (type = "bathing water" and Quality >= "good") and in addition also allow user input.
  • Using wildcards, queries can be defined as dynamic (for example, a query to use the name of the currently logged on user, or the current date). Custom placeholders can be added.
  • Queries can be set as tools in the user interface, so can therefore be arranged in menus.
  • Users can - in addition to the prepared queries - also create and run their own. Also using a graphical interface, but simplified.

The Query Builder operates on the basis of map.apps "Datastores" and is thus independent of specific data and services systems. Each datastore that supports queries can be used. In addition to the normal datastores for ArcGIS Server services, the sample includes an openweathermap datastore, which allows queries to this service, such as, "Where will the weather be nice today". This datastore is incidentally also open source and available through Git.