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map.apps 2.0 - The Next Generation of Geospatial Applications

December 3, 2012
map.apps, con terra GmbH’s solution for building innovative apps for web and mobile, is now available in a revised and greatly expanded version 2.0. map.apps allows individual Geo-apps to be created in a very effective manner. The resulting applications offer an innovative and motivating user experience. This is achieved primarily by the attractive design and intelligent, application-oriented presentation of the user interface. Established standards for visualization, query and selection of maps and geo-objects have been implemented and are available. map.apps-based applications are focused, efficient and provide intuitive access to spatially-related information, and beyond. With version 2.0, a completely new approach to create and configure applications was envisaged: the standard delivery of the new map.apps Builder provides a direct "live" configuration within the current application, so going back and forth between the Builder and application is therefore unnecessary. New applications can be created from the editor quickly, efficiently and conveniently via app templates. Here, the templates are typically optimized for different applications or devices (PC, tablet, smartphone). With map.apps 2.0, the support for ArcGIS Online has received a massive expansion. As with previous versions, background maps, Gallery Maps and search functions from ArcGIS Online can be used. In the current version, the integration of Esri in Webmapps in a user’s own applications is now possible, simply via URL parameters. In addition, many other new features and enhancements are available, such as advanced search and selection capabilities, printing capabilities, a comprehensive security and user management including Access authentication, single sign on and use of secured services and Federations (SAML2).