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Geoportal Saxony is online

Antje Kügeler August 16, 2013
The German Free State of Saxony has launched the “Geoportal Sachsenatlas”. This is meant to be the main entry point to the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) of Saxony, including spatial information from many different governmental organisations from state level to the municipal level. The Geoportal is authored with a Content Management System (OpenText), which allows the authors to add information to the Geoportal as needed. Metadata is managed in a metadata catalogue, the GeoMIS.Sachsen based on con terra’s terra.catalog software. The search functionality (based on Autonomy Idol in the backend and map.apps in the frontend) enables the users to search for information of the geoportal, information on geodata and geoservices from the metadata catalogue and places such as addresses or administrative boundaries for navigation in the map. The map client is based on map.apps SDI. It is one of the first map clients to be based on this technology. Much of the functionality comes out-of-the-box. In the cases of the search frontend, map export and printing, additional functionality was implemented. The map client is seamlessly integrated into the Geoportal using JavaScript. Run Live App