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security.manager NEXT 1.1 - What's New

RĂ¼diger Gartmann June 17, 2021

A new version has been released for the youngest member of our security.manager product family. In addition to many detail improvements, the functional spectrum of the software has been extended with highly requested features, which also take into account the aim to replace the other security.manager editions with security.manager NEXT. 

Editing permissions

An important innovation in security.manager NEXT is the ability to restrict editing permissions on dedicated ArcGIS feature layers. The fact that in principle all users who have an ArcGIS user type with editing permission can edit all editable feature layers can be undesirable in many cases. With security.manager NEXT it is now possible to specifically prevent editing for certain feature layers, so that, for example, employees of the parks department cannot change parcel data, and the marketing department can manage advertising districts but not delivery orders. 

Offline support 

Many processes in which GIS plays a role are not done exclusively in the office. As soon as work is done in the "field" and no continuous online connection can be assumed, geodata must be replicated and downloaded to the mobile devices in order to be used, for example, in the Collector app or in ArcGIS Field Maps.  
With security.manager NEXT, permissions can now also be enforced for offline use cases, so that access to objects or spatial sections that are needed to complete the respective work can also be restricted for people working on the move.

Shared instances

In order to use available memory more efficiently during operation, the possibility has been created in ArcGIS Enterprise for different services to share this memory ("shared instances"). From now on these can also be used in connection with security.manager NEXT, so that these efficiency advantages can also be profited from here.

Further improvements

Many detailed improvements have been made to both the user interface and the automation for a further improved user experience. And of course security.manager NEXT 1.1 is now also compatible with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.x.  
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