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Everything at a glance! - service.monitor 4.4 now also understands log files and ArcGIS Enterprise

Stefan Blume December 2, 2020

Users of the new release of service.monitor 4.4 receive a more holistic view of the successful operation and use of their GeoIT solution. By consistently modernizing the components used, it is now possible to centrally collect data from additional infrastructure components and to subject it to further examination and analysis.

In addition to the classic monitoring and user interaction recording for map.apps and security.manager, operations managers can now also view logging output from various con terra products in almost real time. The same applies to ArcGIS Enterprise with ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS. It is not only the central consolidation of the information that creates advantages when viewing the logs, but this information can be graphically visualized via dashboards and subjected to in-depth analysis.

The further development focuses on the use in the context of a GeoIT solution created by con terra: We create a solution architecture optimally designed for your purposes using different basic technologies. service.monitor represents the cross-sectional solution for operation and usage analysis of these customized solutions.

service.monitor aggregates essential information sources of a solution architecture and makes them centrally available to those responsible for a GeoIT solution. These can be members of the development, operation or management. The universal, but potentially customized solution makes the information relevant for the concrete application visible.

The following diagram shows for example the response times of the monitoring services for ArcGIS GP services. This view is not only interesting for a near-real-time view, but can show the operational development of the server landscape and performance over a longer period of time.


With the 4.4 release, service.monitor is based on the latest major version of the Elasticsearch Stack, the well-known solution for storing, searching and analyzing unstructured data. The universal applicability of the basic software allows the easy provision of standard information sources as well as the extension of the product according to further requirements to ensure the success of your use cases.