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Creating Added Value With ArcGIS Online

March 18, 2013
With version 2.1 of map.apps, the solution for building innovative apps for web and mobile, seamless integration of map.apps applications in ArcGIS Online is now possible. This allows users to create and publish professionally oriented and functionally enriched apps directly from ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Online, the cloud-based online platform from Esri, is becoming increasingly important. Many institutions have begun to supplement their GIS infrastructure in this direction through which they increasingly publish content and applications in the Esri Cloud. With this ongoing trend, the existing map.apps support for ArcGIS Online have been greatly extended. In addition to the existing options for the use of Base Maps, Gallery Maps and Search functions, Web Maps are now fully supported. As a result, integrated pop-up dialogs including graphics andcharts from Web Maps can also be displayed in map.apps. Apart from the simple transfer of a Web Map via URL parameters, these can now also be easily integrated in the map.apps Application Builder by the creator of an application. The significant expansion lies in the newly created option to seamlessly integrate map.apps applications into Esri's cloud-based workflow for creating and sharing geographic content. When publishing ArcGIS Online Web Maps, in addition to the standard ArcGIS Online Viewer, users can now use the enhanced options of map.apps applications. These applications can be configured either through ArcGIS Online’s own mechanisms as well as the interactive map.apps Application Builder. In either case, the configuration is saved completely in ArcGIS Online. This close interaction has been enabled through the use of so-called "ArcGIS Online Hosted Web App Templates". In addition, the use of protected Web Maps is possible as direct authentication with the user management of ArcGIS Online has been implemented. The real added value of the map.apps/ArcGIS Online integration lies in the combined use of the advantages of both technologies used: the extremely simple and quick process for the publication of maps through ArcGIS Online with innovative and functionally wider possibilities of map.apps. The fast and efficient publication of professional content in the form of innovative apps is made child’s play.