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Atlas of Renewable Energy Potentials Realised With map.apps

April 16, 2013
In March 2013, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Industry published a digital atlas of the renewable energy potentials that exist in Baden-Württemberg. The web-based application was realised by the State Institute for the Environment, Measurements and Nature Protection (LUBW), on the basis of map.apps, con terra’s innovative solution for creating apps for use in web and mobile environments. The comprehensive application was activated by the minister for the environment and energy. It graphically displays the potentials for exploiting photovoltaic, wind and hydro energy together with their spatial distribution. Moreover, In addition to potential locations and yields, the app is already able to display existing plants. Furthermore, by selecting a region, the user can display a wide variety of aggregated data relating to different forms of renewable energy – from the number of wind turbines in existence to the savings in CO2 that they result in. The interactive map application also displays carbon footprint information for all renewable energy types. LUBW’s choice of map.apps for the technical application of the potentials atlas was quite deliberate. The institute was searching for a client technology that was able to fulfil as many of the current LUWV requirements as possible:
  • A modern map application with extensive out-of-the-box standard functions
  • Efficient options for expanding the standard software by adding project-specific functions and components
  • Operation optimised for ArcGIS Server services
  • Minimal client requirements (JavaScript/HTML5)
  • High performance and stability even with high visitor numbers
Despite the short stipulated timeframe, the application was created by the LUBW within a short space of time and successfully rendered operational without outside assistance. The result impressively demonstrates the extent to which map.apps, besides being used as COTS standard software, is the optimum platform with which users can create their own special-purpose applications. Indeed, map.apps is able to increase the efficiency and economy of related projects by a significant degree. Following on from its successful potential atlas project, the LUBW now plans to extend its use of map.apps by migrating numerous old applications to the new, future-proof map.apps technology. Run Live App